Obama Hires Socialist as New Climate Czar

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Writer

In keeping with its usual pro-Obama bias, the mainstream media has almost completely ignored the fact that Carol Browner, the woman tapped by President-elect Barack Obama to become the new “global warming czar” has direct ties to Socialist organizations.

In one of the few reports made on the subject this week, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly reported that Browner is a card-carrying member of the Socialist group Commission for a Sustainable World Society.

“(T)his group advocates global governance, and believes that rich countries like the United States have an obligation to shrink their economies and their energy use to limit global warming,” Kelly reported. “The group has also been harshly critical of various U.S. policies.”

Suspiciously, Browner’s name and bio were scrubbed from the group’s web site just last week.

“Some are wondering if she is an appropriate choice for this newly created post,” she said.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) who worked with Browner when she served as EPA director under President Bill Clinton, is one of those people who is expressing concern about the appointment.

“I do not know what her role is because we have never had a czar of energy and the environment before,” Inhofe said. “It does concern me. And you very accurately talked about this Commission for Sustainable World Society. But there’s another which she was involved in, that’s the Socialist International, which is an umbrella group of all the socialist groups. So, she is pretty extreme in my eyes in terms of her liberal leanings.”

According to the few published reports on the subject appearing in the Washington Times and the Washington Examiner, Browner is very committed to Socialism.

Kelly expressed disbelief that someone of Browner’s background could be appointment to such a high-level position. “She is one of the 14 leaders of this socialist group, appointed to a position that is essentially the cabinet-level? She will be attending cabinet meetings.”

Inhofe confirmed that she would indeed be in cabinet meetings. Unfortunately, because Browner was appointed to the position rather than nominated, she will not be subject to the vetting process where these concerns could be raised and examined.

“Under the Clinton administration, when she was EPA director, they didn’t want- they kind of hid that,” Inhofe said.

Since her appointment as the new energy czar, she has once again attempted to hide her associations by having her name removed from the websites of the two socialist organizations, Inhofe said.

“They consider me an extremist because I am ranked as maybe the most conservative member of the United States Senate,” Inhofe said, “but they’re in a position – Where do you draw the line between an extreme liberal and a socialist?”

Kelly then asked What it means to have someone who advocates socialist policies in charge of energy regulation in the U.S.?

It could mean a cap-and-trade system which would amount to an annual tax increase of $300 billion a year, Inhofe said.

“This is extremely expensive. We’re going to be talking about this, along with the change in science.”

Inhofe believes these policies will only force companies to send their jobs overseas to escape costly emission requirements.

“This is the wrong time to try to push something.” he said.

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