Feast of St. Nicholas, Bishop ( Died Third Century)

“He was exceedingly well brought up by his parents and trod piously in their footsteps.St Nicholas The child, watched over by the church, enlightened his mind and encouraged his thirst for sincere and true religion.”  

                 – From a biography on St. Nicholas of Myra 

For Reflection:           

Dear St. Nicholas,

On this your feast day, obtain for me the grace to enlighten my mind and encourage my thirst for sincerity and truth given to me through the teachings of our Holy Catholic Church. Also obtain for me the grace to resist the spiritual “fables” that “tickle the ears” of so many today. Pray for me that I may have wisdom in understanding and true discernment regarding the life of faith. Help me to rid myself of false perceptions, heretical concepts, and erroneous teachings that can lead me away from truth. Thank you for your prayers for me this day. Amen.


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