Disabled Woman Crawls to Mass

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Writer

A young Mozambican woman crawled for more than two miles to Mass every Sunday in spite of having no legs or a wheelchair to carry her.

According to the AVAN news agency, the Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly in Chissano, Mozambique, said they were on the road one day when they saw “something  moving on the ground far away.” As they drew near, they saw, “to our surprise, that it was a young woman.”

It was 25 year old Olivia, an invalid who, in spite of not being baptized at the time, crawled to Mass every week during her preparation for the Sacrament. 

“We were able to talk to her through a lady who was walking by and who translated into Portuguese what she was saying to us in her dialect,” the sisters said.

The sisters said that although “the sand from the road burned the palms of her hands during the hottest times of the year,” the young woman crawled to Mass, “giving witness of perseverance and heroic faith.”

Olivia has since been baptized and a benefactor of the Sisters donated a wheelchair for her use.


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