Where Do We Get Our Info on Yoga and Meditation?

book stackJ asks: “Just wondering where you get your information about yoga and meditation.”

Our blogs are meticulously sourced on the subject of both yoga and meditation, but here’s a short-list of some of the sources we have relied upon for information about yoga that are readily accessible to the public:

Catholic Sources on Yoga:  “Jesus Christ, the Bearer of the Water of Life”, Pontifical document (2003); “Letter to the Bishops on Some Aspects of Christian Meditation” (1989); Father John Hardon, S.J. “Why is Yoga Incompatible with Catholicism”; Archbishop Norberto Rivera, “A Call to Vigilance: Pastoral Instruction on New Age” (1996); Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Catholics and the New Age (1992); Johnnette Benkovic, The New Age Counterfeit (1993).

Hindu Sources on Yoga:  Various writings from the Hindu America Foundation; B.K.S. Iyengar Light on YogaHinduism Today Magazine; various yoga-related websites/publications

Miscellaneous Sources on Yoga: The writings of Elliot Miller, research specialist in Eastern religious for the Christian Research Institute; William J. Broad, The Science of Yoga; Yoga Journal; various yoga websites

Catholic sources on meditation: writings of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross; Father Thomas Dubay’s Prayer Primer and Fire Within

New Age and Eastern forms of meditation are sourced primarily in the websites of practitioners and/or organizations devoted to promoting these practices.

We have an extensive collection of blogs on yoga and meditation which can be accessed on the Index of our New Age blog. Check it out!


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