Feast of the Dedication of Saint Mary Major

After the Council of Ephesus (431) in which Mary,St MaryMajorBasilica1 the mother of Jesus was given the title, Mother of God, Pope Sixtus III built a basilica in Rome to honor her under this title. This basilica is Saint Mary Major and it is the oldest church in the West dedicated to our Blessed Lady. 


“Who can put Mary’s high honor into words? She is both mother and virgin. I am overwhelmed by the wonder of this miracle. Behold then the joy of the whole universe. Let the union of God and man in the Son of the Virgin Mary fill us with awe and adoration. Let us fear and worship the undivided Trinity as we sing the praise of the ever-virgin Mary, the holy temple of God, and of God Himself, her Son and spotless Bridegroom.”                       

Mary, FeastofOurLadyoftheSnows

          -St. Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop 


For Reflection:                   

Mary is called the “holy temple of God.” How many commonalities can I think of between Mary and a temple (Church)? What does this tell me about Our Lady? What does this tell me about my parish Church?



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