With Love And Gratitude

“God seeing that we are unworthy to receive His graces directly from Him, gives them to Mary so that we might receive from her all that He decides to give us.”

                                                              – St. Louis Grignion de Montfort


For Reflection:             

What do you think it means that we are “unworthy” to receive God’s graces directly (Refer to Luke 5:8, for example)? Read pages 206-209 in Full of Grace: Women and the Abundant Life about Mary’s role as Queen Mother (Note: If you do not have the book, go to www.thecatholictreasurechest.com and scroll to The Queenship of Mary). How does this quote from St. Louis de Montfort illustrate Mary as Queen Mother? Imagine Mary receiving from God the grace you most need to have today. Now imagine her giving it to you? Receive it from her with love and gratitude.

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