How to Defend Religious Liberty in Just 16 Seconds

A powerful new YouTube video produced by the Archdiocese of St. Louis reduces the reasons why Americans need to defend religious liberty to just 16 seconds.

The video, which has been on YouTube for about a week, features three women who each make a very simple statement.

“You wouldn’t force an atheist to buy you a bible,” says the first woman. “It’s that simple.”

“You wouldn’t force a vegetarian to buy you a hamburger,” says the second. “It’s that simple.”

“Then why would you force a Catholic employer to purchase your birth control?” asks a third.

The video is short but powerful and is being met with rave reviews.

A commenter named K. Wills Sterling joined in the lively YouTube discussion of the video. “Great video,” Sterling applauds. “Everyone should remember that there are ample opportunities to exercise your “right to choose.” You have a right to choose whether or not to have sex. You have a right to choose what form of birth control to use. And you have a right to choose whether or not to accept a job that might, or might not, pay for your birth control. But you don’t have a right to make other people’s choices for them.”

The Kitch2 agrees. “You have the right to use or not to use birth control. You don’t have the right to force someone else what to do with their health insurance.”

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