Our Lady’s Rosary


                              Dear Mother, I bring Thee roses 
                              Because they are so sweet, 
                              But lilies, my favorite flowers
                              I am placing at Thy feet.

                             Accept with each Hail Mary
                             A rose for Thy crown so bright,
                             Please don’t forget the lilies,
                             The lilies so pure and white.

                             Let them be a bond of love
                             And understanding rare,
                             And send a blessing from above
                             In answer to my prayer.

                             Loneliness would be unknown
                             If more people came to Thee,
                             With their trials and sorrows�
                             And said their Rosary.

                             With each Hail Mary, they would find
                             Their load much lighter grow,
                             And in humility, kiss the cross
                             In peace, would onward go.

                                                                -Alice W. Sparks


For Reflection: 

How has my load been made lighter this past month as I have prayed the Rosary? Am I willing to make the Rosary a daily prayer? Why or why not?        



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