Faithful Nun Debunks Dissident Nun’s DNC Speech

A nun from Rochester, New Hampshire published a letter in the Boston Globe in which she set the record straight about the misrepresentations made by the dissident Sister Simone Campbell during her speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) last week.

Sr. Simone Campbell speaking at DNC

The letter, written by Sister Mary Rose Reddy of the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Healing Love, confronts Sister Simone Campbell for claims she made in her speech which misled Catholics about the Church’s position on the Affordable Care Act and the Romney-Ryan budget.

Sister Campbell, a radical feminist who has served as the Executive Director of the dissident group known as NETWORK since 2004, is the author of the famous letter written in support of ObamaCare in 2010. She was also a major player in the recent “Nuns on the Bus” tour that attempted to counter the Vatican’s crackdown on the errant Leadership Council of Women Religious and promote social justice. During her DNC speech, Sister Simone focused on social justice issues and access to healthcare, urging people to support ObamaCare.

Sister Mary Rose took her fellow-sister to task for the speech.

“Speaking at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, Sister Simone Campbell urged her listeners to oppose the Romney-Ryan budget plan and to support the Affordable Care Act,” Sister Mary Rose wrote.

“She indicated that by doing so they would be agreeing with the bishops and standing with the nuns. While it is true that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops has criticized what they consider to be too severe cuts to services for the poor in the proposed Romney-Ryan budget, it is not true that the bishops or even most nuns in the United States support the Affordable Care Act.

“The Affordable Care Act and its associated Department of Health and Human Services mandate, which would force all health insurers, even those of Catholic children’s homes, hospitals, and colleges, to cover contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortion-inducing drugs, is an assault on religious liberty. No Catholic sister can support it and support the church’s teaching at the same time.

“Having been a professed religious sister for more than 29 years, I need to state clearly that Sister Simone Campbell is not speaking for me or for thousands of other sisters in the United States.”

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3 Response to “Faithful Nun Debunks Dissident Nun’s DNC Speech

  1. I really don’t understand how you can describe Sr. Simone as a ‘radical feminist’ — btw a phrase which I don’t at all think is perjorative, but I’m not sure you even understand what it means. And ‘dissident’?? She is preaching catholic social justice at its best. Perhaps Sr. Mary Rose should stay quiet in her convent and focus on praying rosaries.

    • Mary, the really good sisters can pray their Rosaries anywhere! And Sr. Simone needs to start praying hers. If she can placidly, enthusiastically allow abortion to remain the law of this land with no conscience pricking, she cannot truly claim to be Catholic. Abortion is a deal-breaker. Obama is 100% proabortion, even when babies survive failed abortions – no healthcare mandate for them! Anyone supporting him supports his entire evil agenda, including abortion.

  2. Mary,
    While Sr. Simone is out preaching “Catholic social justice at its best” (your words) she fails miserably to address the needs of ‘the least among us’, the innocent unborn, who are butchered in their mother’s wombs daily.
    Sr. Simone & her radical feminist sisters will have to answer for their senseless & brutal deaths. And Mary, it is Sr. Simone who needs to turn off the cameras, run to the nearest Catholic gift store, purchase a Rosary, have it blessed by a Catholic priest, and get down on her knees and begin praying to Our Blessed Mother for guidance. She can count on faithful Roman Catholics to keep praying for her conversion.