Prayer for God’s Will

Lord Jesus, may I know myself and know Thee.

                        And desire nothing save only Thee.

                        May I hate myself and love Thee.

                        May I do everything for the sake of Thee.

                        May I humble myself and exalt Thee.

                        May I think of nothing except Thee.

                        May I die to myself and live in Thee.                 

                        May I banish self and follow Thee.

                        And ever desire to follow Thee.

                        May I fly from myself and fly to Thee,

                        That I may deserve to be defended by Thee.

                        May I fear for myself and fear Thee.

                        And be among those who are chosen by Thee.

                        May I distrust myself and trust in Thee.

                        May I be willing to obey on account of Thee.

                        May I cling to nothing but to Thee.

                        May I be poor for the sake of Thee.

                              Look upon me that I may love Thee.

                              Call me that I may see Thee.

                              And for ever enjoy Thee. Amen.

                                                                          St. Augustine

For Reflection: 

I seek the grace to say “Yes” to all that is in this prayer.

May I receive whatever happens as from Thee.

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