Safe In Heaven Eternally. Amen Alleluia.

While my body here decays
May my soul your goodness praise,
Safe in heaven eternally. Amen Alleluia.

For Reflection: 


This final stanza of the Stabat Mater encourages us to consider the Divine Mercy that floods the heart of Our Savior, who gave Himself for us. In what one way do you most need to experience this Ocean of Mercy? Journal your response. Read again the  GraceLine for April 5, hear the voice of Jesus talking to you.


*Stabat Mater is a 13th century Roman Catholic hymn to Mary.  It has been attributed to both Franciscan Jacopone da Todi and to Pope Innocent III.  There are two Stabat Mater hymns, the Stabat Mater Dolorosa is about Mary’s sufferings in union with her Son, Jesus Christ.  Stabat Mater Speciosa refers to the Nativity of Jesus.





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