Speaker Pelosi Meets With San Francisco Archbishop

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Writer

Months after she promised to meet with San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer regarding comments she made on national television about the Church’s position on when life begins, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally made good on her word.

According to Brendan Daly, press spokesman for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the meeting between Pelosi and Archbishop Niederauer took place on February 8.

“It went well,” Daly told Our Sunday Visitor (OSV). “They both thought it was productive and agreed they would meet in the future at some point.” No date has been set for their next meeting.

Daly said that the meeting did not sway Pelosi’s stance on life issues. “She is not changing her position on abortion,” he said.

He added that Pelosi is still attending Mass and receiving Communion every Sunday at San Francisco’s St. Vincent de Paul parish or elsewhere when she is traveling.

When asked why the press was not alerted to this meeting, Daly said “It was a private meeting. They didn’t feel the need to publicize it and we didn’t feel the need to publicize it,” Daly said.

Apparently, the meeting was so private the archbishop’s own press spokesman, Maurice Healy, seemed unaware of it. He told OSV on Friday that no meeting had taken place.

Meanwhile, a major petition drive has been launched by Pewsitter.com, a Catholic News Portal, asking U.S. Church officials to adhere to canon law and deny Communion to the Speaker for her consistent support of abortion rights and other policies that violate Church teaching.

To date, nearly 10,000 petitions have been submitted to Archbishop Niederauer and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

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