Study: Public Prefers Films with Strong Conservative Values

A new study has found that in 2011, American audiences preferred movies with strong conservative content rather than films promoting liberal or left-leaning values by a whopping six-to-one margin. is reporting that the study, conducted annually by Movieguide, found the pro-American films such as Captain America and Soul Surfer did significantly better at the box office than more liberal films such as Red State and Glee.

“People want good to overcome evil, justice to prevail over injustice and liberty to conquer tyranny,” said Movieguide publisher, Dr. Ted Baehr. “They respond to strong heroes and even strong heroines, but they are turned off by radical social engineering and big government programs.”

In summary, Movieguide’s report found that the Christian-motivated movies, on average, earned four times as much in box office returns – $64.3 million as opposed to $15.9 million.

“Most people dedicated to a particular faith are likely to find the violence, substance abuse, sexual immorality, and mocking of traditional values in most modern movies offensive,” said Megan Basham, entertainment editor at Christian news site, World Magazine. “The rare well-made film that offers the opposite is going to appeal to church-goers of every stripe.”

The same trend was found in DVD sales last year. Movieguide found that among 2011’s top 25 DVD’s, 52 percent had at least a small amount of patriotic or pro-Christian content, while only eight percent were considered to be on the left side of the spectrum.

With three quarters of the U.S. population (238 million) and 2.3 billion people worldwide identifying themselves as Christian, Hollywood is finally starting to realize that this is an important niche.

“When we started Movieguide in 1985, there were only one or two movies being made with a strong, explicit Christian content or values, but now there are well over 50 each year,” Baehr said. “Every studio now has a Christian film division, and several studios are doing major movies with strong Christian content. And now all of the major studios, not just Disney, are making movies for young children and families.”
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