U.S. Bishops Investigating the Girl Scouts

While commenting on the problems in Catholic parishes caused by Girl Scout programs that are associated with Planned Parenthood, Bishop Kevin Rhoades of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend revealed that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is in the process of investigating these problems.

Indiana’s NewsCenter is reporting that the subject came up while discussing a letter written by an Indiana lawmaker Bob Morris (R) to his fellow lawmakers outlining the multiple claims being made against the Girl Scouts of America. These claims include the problem of Girl Scout troops that run programs with Planned Parenthood in order to teach girls how to explore sex.

Bishop Rhoades said he isn’t worried about the Girl Scout troops in the Catholic schools in his diocese because the troop leaders follow church teaching.

He went on to say that even before Morris’ letter was written, the Church was already investigating similar claims.

“Some of those concerns that have been raised, and that the congressman raised were already concerns that have come forward and are being studied by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops,” said Rhoades.

At the moment, his diocese is not revising its policy with the Girl Scouts because more fact-checking needs to be done by the Church. He will take action only after the USCCB has completed its research.

The problems have caused some schools in Northeast Indiana to switch their programs from the Girl Scouts of America to the American Heritage Girls, a Christian-based organization. Bishop Rhoades had high praise for the alternative program, but said he’s not pushing schools in his diocese to make a similar move at the present time.

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Get the inside story on what’s wrong with the Girl Scouts. This week’s Women of Grace® program features Sydney Volanski and Madelyn Foccaraci who explain the problems inside the once healthy organization and why they felt compelled to leave.

11 Response to “U.S. Bishops Investigating the Girl Scouts

  1. Let’s cover the Bishops in prayer, along with all the other decision makers on this very important issue. May God grant them discernment, wisdom and a path to the Truth. One additional issue that was recently discovered, that is very important: GSUSA is a member of “The Coalition For Adolescent Girls” with 30 others members. The documentation on the groups’ website reveals that one of the objectives of this group is to promote contraception, sexual rights, and “abortion-related care” for youth. Take a look at the member list of this Coalition. All are pro-abortion. One member is an international *abortion provider* (Marie Stopes Intl): http://www.coalitionforadolescentgirls.org/members Why is GSUSA part of this? At least with WAGGGS they have the excuse that it’s scouting related. This has nothing to do with scouting, most members of the coalition do international work. God bless you Sue Brinkmann for all your work to share this important issue with Catholic families.

  2. For too long, the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministries (NFCYM) has been protecting Girl Scouts of the USA by giving them a free pass. NFCYM head Bob McCarty’s response to concerned parents has been to parrot GSUSA memos without any indication of investigation on his own. He should be made accountable for his in-action and for his recommendation of likewise pro-abortion, pro-homosexual groups like Advocates For Youth in his own book, “Be A Champion For Youth: Standing With, By, and For Young People.” Pray that the USCCB takes this matter seriously, for the sake of our children and the integrity of the Catholic Church.

  3. After hearing about the girl scouts on Women of Grace, I couldn’t help but wonder why the church has not checked into the matter before.
    I think it just goes to show better screening has to take place.
    God bless our Bishops for all the work they do.

  4. Bishop Rhoades should be concerned about the Girl Scouts in the Catholic schools. I am a faithful Catholic and was a troop leader for 3 years. We have no control over our registration fees helping to fund PP via WAGGGS. Furthermore, the underlying agenda of the GSUSA is directly opposed to Church teachings. It is a sin of omission to bury our heads in the sand and act like it won’t affect our youth.

    • I am a troop leader in Florida and have not observed or been influenced to do anything that I would remotely call immoral or opposed to my Catholic Church teachings. It is precisely for the moral influence that my daughter and myself are involved. I re-listened to the intro to the program on GS and heard that God is no longer in the GS pledge. That is simply false – we continue to say it and it is in every document I own. That false statement makes me feel that this whole week of programming has been about “sensationalism”. I’m for the facts and will look forward to the US Bishop’s review.

      • Beverly, Why is there an asterisk by God? GSUSA says that girls can replace God with any word they choose or remove Him all together. Yes, the Girl Scouts promise had changed to make God “optional.” Does that honor Him?

    • Kelli thank you for alerting families whose job it is to be vicars over their families. The end can never justify the means. Those who feel comfortable financing the devils work should rethink their position. The financing of the devils work through registration money and cookie sales is indeed funding more of the devils work. Of course all of our Catholic schools are clean. As a matter of fact we have all been betrayed as these wonderful women and girls make the dispicable Girl Scout org. look wonderful as they promote the sexualization of our girls and the agenda of PP in their programs. WE TOO are a part of the sin when we in fact promote or approve of the Girl Scouts. I ask what will we tell our children when they voice shock that we left them in this organization??? Do we in fact have no courage to be the role model that God expects us to be? Good parents and morality are the stumbling blocks to PP. Girl Scouts wants us to accept the unthinkable and to in fact embrace it as perfectly normal. CEO who claims to be a Catholic presents herself in the filthy Marie Claire magazine along with their headlines of how to have a threesome and sexual positions. He who owns our children owns our country and we should be very very afraid. Please please pray.g

  5. Here is the explanation about “God” in the Girl Scout Promise. It hasn’t been removed. It’s just optional.

    Has Girl Scouts removed the word “God” from the Girl Scout Promise or placed an asterisk after the word “God”?
    The Girl Scout Promise contains the word “God”. The word “God” has never been removed.
    The current Girl Scout Handbooks and materials do not contain an asterisk after the word “God”. According to the Girl Scout Constitution, “The motivating force in Girl Scouting is spiritual. The ways in which members identify and fulfill their spiritual beliefs are personal and private.” (Note: Some materials from 1993 used an asterisk after the word “God” in an effort to respect a variety of personal definitions and implementations of that concept).
    The Girl Scout Promise is as follows:

    On my honor, I will try:
    To serve God and my country,
    To help people at all times,
    And to live by the Girl Scout Law.
    From : http://www.honestgirlscouts.com/connect_letters2editor.html#JargonDefinitions

    [HGS has not claimed “God” was removed, only made optional. It is not true that current books do not have an asterisk. Journey books A-maze, aMUSE, and MEdia all have an asterisk by “God.” A-maze is from 2008, so this has been going on for awhile and remains an issue.]

    • UNLESS…we proactively fight against sin…we’ll be swept aside. The Girl Scouts know what they want…OUR GIRLS. When it says in their program book if…you are a girl of a different nationality, different religion, or a different SEXUAL IDENTITY What???? This sneaky push at our children to lesbian thinking is who they are. Make no mistake throughout their program that was in part founded by a cult guru they insert their ideology which does not contain God. In fact they promote godlessness despite their GSUSA talk which means they want your $$$$ You see I know this because I am one and am 68 and a Lifetime Mbr. who now lives to exposes who they are. God Bless and be a role model. Not easy..just necessary.

  6. NYCFM has been unwaveringly loyal to Girl Scouts for years. Not only do they openly defend the Girl Scouts, but they offer near-zero support or information on the faith-based alternatives that now exist. The truth is that GS does not have a financial relationship with PP nationally, but allows it’s local troops to work with them to provide “comprehensive sex education”. Here’s the link of the President of GS saying so: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3BTdRb03UM.)

    Last week, the CYO in my archdiocese actually sent out a flyer to all the schools saying that EWTN is conducting a “misinformation campaign” against the Girl Scouts and that they have no relationship with PP. I am stunned. Beware what might be happening in your own diocese. The loyalties to GS run very deep. The USCCB needs to research this issue honestly and conduct a long-overdue reassessment of their relationship with Girl Scouts.

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