Beware of False Angels – and the False Prophets Who Promote Them!

S writes: “A friend of mine read a book on angels written by Doreen Virtue.  My friend is so into angels. I  do believe in angels and I pray to them for guidance, but I think my friend is being misled by this author who I believe is a New Ager. Who is Doreen Virtue and what are her beliefs?  Can you comment and what advise can you give my friend.”

Trust me, the kind of angels Doreen Virtue is communicating with aren’t the kind you want hovering around.

According to her website, Doreen Virtue claims she is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth generation metaphysician who is a “natural clairvoyant.” She spoke with “imaginary friends” when she was child and only stopped because of teasing. Later in life, she was allegedly warned by one of these “angels” that her car was about to be carjacked. She heard a voice that was loud and distinctly male command her to scream with all her might, which attracted passers-by who scared off her would-be attacker.

“Doreen immediately began a daily rigorous practice of receiving and deciphering her Divine Guidance,” she writes on her site.

At the same time, she began “re-examining her spiritual beliefs, along with her Western psychological beliefs” and ended up combining her clairvoyance with her education in psychology (she holds a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from a non-accredited distance learning center). Her practice evolved into “Angel Therapy” in which she combines her psychology background with her spiritual abilities.

“When you work with angels, you can lean upon their light to help you heal at miraculous rates and in amazing ways,” she says. “The angels can help us heal physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.”

The first clue that the angels Dr. Virtue contacts aren’t good angels is that she does so through clairvoyance, which is an occult art. We know from Deuteronomy 18 that those who involve themselves in these kinds of practices are considered abhorrent by God.  “There shall not be found among you any one that makes his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, one that uses divination, a soothsayer, or an enchanter, or a sorcerer, or a charmer, or one that consults a ghost or a familiar spirit, or a necromancer. For whosoever doeth these things is an abomination unto the LORD. . . ” (Deut. 18: 10-12)

Because angels exist to do the will of God, and God despises these practices, He would not contradict Himself by allowing His angels to take part in them.

We also know that Satan likes to disguise himself as an “angel of light” (2 Cor 11-14) which he is obviously doing in this case. He was more than happy to save Dr. Virtue from a carjacking in order to win her confidence in him. I’m sure he did everything possible to facilitate her new career path so that, through her, he will be promoted as an “angel” to thousands of people through her books and seminars.

This kind of deception, which just about anyone can fall victim to, is precisely why we are told: “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God . . .” (1 John 4: 1, 2)

Dr. Virtue also propagates something known as “Angel Therapy” which is notoriously New Age. It is based on the premise that the key to healing is in communication with angels. The field is reserved  exclusively to New Agers, clairvoyants, hypnotherapists who believe in past life regression, etc.

However, don’t feel bad if you have been lured into buying these books or believing this nonsense. Listen to how deceptively it’s promoted. “Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person’s guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life,” Virtue writes on her site. “Angel Therapy also helps you to more clearly receive Divine Guidance from the Creator and angels. Everyone has guardian angels, and these angels perform God’s will of peace for us all. When we open ourselves to hear our angels’ messages, every aspect of our lives become more peaceful.”

It’s not until one checks into Virtue and her background that they discover the kind of angels she deals with are not the kind of any of us want to consort with.

I would tell your friend to pitch this book and get into the practice of praying to his/her guardian angel daily, as well as reciting the prayer to St. Michael with the specific intention of asking for protection against false angels – and the false prophets who promote them.

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