Beauty and Grace In A Face

Got to thinking about Sue Brinkmann’s article on little Taya — the Down Syndrome child who landed a major contract with a top British modeling agency. Cheers for the agency! The staff there saw something more than a disability with a scary name: they saw the radiant beauty of a pure heart shining in the face of that little child.

How often we miss the truly beautiful because our eyes are jaded and our hearts are compromised by culture’s perspective. We need to be reminded that beauty, real beauty, is a reflection of God Himself. The really beautiful isn’t about facial features, skin tone, hair color, or body shape. The really beautiful is not contingent on a person’s rank on the  “normalcy” chart. No the really beautiful is experienced when one corresponds to the truth about himself — that he is a person created in the image and likeness of God.

Taya, and others with Down Syndrome, do this to perfection. They are an expression of the words Jesus spoke about Nathaniel, “There is no guile in him.” Would that these words would describe each of us. Then we would live in a really beautiful world.


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