Strive to Advance in Perfection

“As our chief duty in life is the sanctification of our souls, we should strive with all our powers to advance to that standard of perfection that God has determined for each one of us. We should use all our efforts to grow daily in divine love.”

For Reflection:             

With a frank look at my own heart, what do I consider to be the chief duty in my life? What attitudes of heart, ideas, and behaviors need to be amended to help my spiritual life take first position?  Am I willing to apply my efforts in this direction – why or why not?

The Buteyko Breathing Technique Won’t Cure Your Asthma!

HM writes: “Ihave been reading the articles about alternative medicine and want to make sure of something. . . .(R)ecently I have been learning BUTEYKO breathing for relief from Asthma and I am being taught by an Asthma nurse who suffered with it herself and got cured. The Australian Asthma website teaches it and some of the doctors in the UK teach it. To be honest I think it is a reliable method and not New age, certainly the practicioner is a conventional practitioner and you are told at all times to keep your medication with you but the aim is to reduce and sometimes stop taking medication which is not a bad thing. Recently I had prayers for having done TM and Yoga and would hate to think that this is anything like that. . . . Can you advise?”

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Let the Holy Spirit Pray Within You

“Our prayer, like Mary’s and the Apostles’, must come from our hearts under the absolute dominion of the Holy Spirit. The love of God above all things, detachment from the world, and an abiding sense of the supernatural, or recollection – these are the prerequisites of prayer.”

For Reflection:             

How does my time of prayer measure up according to the standard in the quote above? Which of the prerequisites listed above do I employ? Which do I need to cultivate. Write a prayer to Our Lady asking for her maternal intercession.

Be Willing to Sacrifice All For God

“The true child of Mary must be prepared to make the sacrifice necessary to overcome the love of created things with the love of the Creator.”

For Reflection:             

To what am I most attached? What virtues can I begin to practice to help me become more detached to them and filled more with the things of God? What devotions can I develop to help inculcate a deeper love for God?