When Eastern Meditation Goes Wrong

Although Eastern meditation practices are being sold wholesale to the public as a panacea for everything from stress to digestive issues, experts say there can be very real – and very serious – consequences to these mind-control techniques.

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What’s Wrong with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?

PG writes:  “I resigned from my job last year as a mental health LMSW, working in an out patient clinic.  We were being trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which in fact, is based on Eastern Mysticism/Buddhism. We were told that we had to take the training and had to use this new mind control therapy on our clients. I knew it was wrong and I could no longer work for this agency. Have you heard of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy? It appears to be growing -unfortunately.”

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Nicaraguan Bishops To Say Prayers of Exorcism to Combat Violence

In an effort to counter what the Nicaraguan bishops are calling an “irrational and disproportionate” level of violence against Catholics in that country, they are planning to say the prayer of exorcism to St. Michael the Archangel to combat the violence which is “spiritually rooted in evil.”

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She Found Jesus in a New Age Temple

By Patti Armstrong

Sitting lotus style, inhaling the cool lake air and listening to the serene sounds of a flowing waterfall, Jess Echeverry sought to calm her spirit. She was on a journey to healing at the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple in Pacific Palisades, California. By 2006, Jess had experienced a certain amount of healing, but there was still a hole that hungered to be filled.

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Will Yoga & Meditation Make You Snooty?

Anyone who has ever encountered a holier-than-thou yoga practitioner will not be surprised by the findings of a new study that found regular yoga and meditation practitioners experience a surge in ego just after a session.

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Living in His Now

“Discovering that only in Me is your satisfaction to be found, will you be capable of the perfect human relationship, that I have planned for you. You will never be united to another until you are united with Me. Exclusive of anyone or anything else. Exclusive of any other desires or longings. I want you to stop planning, to stop wishing, and allow Me to give you the most thrilling plan existing…one you cannot imagine. I want you to have the best. Please allow Me to bring it to you.” –Be Satisfied With Me, attributed to St. Anthony of Padua.

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Love, Marriage, and Praying More Novenas

Annie and John Paul Deddens

“Prayer is a surge of the heart, it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy.” –St. Therese of Lisieux

I found out about Pray More Novenas years before getting to know Annie. When I learned the backstory of how Pray More Novenas came in existence, I remember thinking- wow! this couple really has something special!

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What’s Missing from “The Mindful Catholic”

One of the best things about the Women of Grace® New Age Q&A Blog, which has been answering questions for nearly a decade from people all around the world, is that it keeps our “finger” on the pulse of what’s happening in the realm of spiritual movements. And one of those “happenings” is a course called Catholic Mindfulness by Dr. Gregory Bottaro which has now been made into a book. What is this all about? Is it really Catholic? And why are so many people concerned about it?

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