Can Catholics Use Herbal Medicines?  

KJ writes: “Dear friends of our family who are devout Catholics have become so disgusted with Big Pharma that they are turning to herbal medicine almost exclusively. In addition to how these natural remedies might be impacting them physically, what about their spiritual health? Isn’t this just a bunch of superstition?”

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Can Catholics Use Alternatives to Treat Serious Illnesses?

JD asks: “I don’t see any mention in the Catechism about Catholics being forbidden to use alternatives such as homeopathy or acupuncture to treat illnesses like cancer or diabetes. Is this true, and if so, can you tell me what documents contain this teaching?”

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Beware of Phony Coronavirus Cures

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the world, the fake cures, hoaxes and conspiracies theories are popping up almost as fast as new cases. The bottom line is simple: don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

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Use of “Natural” Remedies Results in Child’s Death

Najee (GoFundMe)

The tragic story of a four-year-old boy who died of the flu after being treated with essential oils rather than Tamiflu is just another example of the dangers of relying on the misinformation about “natural” cures so prevalent on the Internet.

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My Introduction to New Age

by Lisa Marino PT, DPT

After discerning God’s will to integrate prayer and spirituality into healthcare, I left my mainstream physical therapy job in 2017. I was amazed at how much better my patients improved with an hour of one-on-one care, more time to listen and encourage them, and especially prayer for healing.

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Courageous Young Doctor Offers New Age-Free Health Care

Dr. Lisa Marino

Lisa Marino is a young doctor of physical therapy and devout Catholic woman, wife and mother who is using her feminine genius to transform the health of families – body and soul – in an authentically Catholic way. In the following blog, she tells the poignant story of how Our Lady laid out her mission in life to be a wife, a mother, and a faithful Catholic healthcare provider.

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