CA Aims to Make Students “Walking Billboards” for Abortion Industry

Two new laws that are currently moving through California’s state legislature will mandate that a “sexual or reproductive health hotline” number be printed on all student IDs and that public colleges in the state provide chemical abortion services to students.

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CA Supreme Court Suspends Baby Parts Hearing

A preliminary hearing involving the pro-life videographer who published videos of abortion industry executives bartering for aborted baby body parts has been “suspended until further notice” by the California Supreme Court on the grounds of political bias and selective prosecution.

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In Wake of Notre Dame Fire, Many Questions Remain

French investigators say it could take up to two months before the cause of the fire that nearly destroyed Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral on April 15 is known, but a former chief architect of the cathedral who insists that the fire was “incomprehensible” has raised plenty of questions.

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Church Mourns “Bestial and Inhuman” Terrorist Attacks in Sri Lanka

The faithful from across the globe are rallying around the people of Sri Lanka whose lives were torn apart on Easter Sunday in a series of terrorist bombing attacks that left nearly 300 dead and more than 500 injured.

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Social Media Execs Grilled on Censorship of Pro Life Viewpoint

The outrage that ensued after Twitter inexplicably suspended the Unplanned movie account on its opening weekend not only boosted the film, but resulted in a U.S. Senatorial subcommittee hearing on Wednesday during which social media execs were grilled on evidence of “one-sided discrimination” against the movie and the pro-life viewpoint in general.

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Murdered Rwandan Couple Considered for Sainthood

Cyprien and Daphrosa Rugumba in 1992 in the garden of their home in Kigali, Rwanda. (Wikicommons)

A Rwandan couple who raised 10 children while enduring a rocky marriage and political violence that would eventually end their lives, is being considered for sainthood.

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Notre Dame Refuses to Filter Porn from University WiFi

(Credit: Michael Fernandes courtesy of WikiCommons)

In spite of a request by dozens of men of Notre Dame asking the University to filter out pornography from its WiFi, school administrators have brushed off the request and are agreeing to do nothing more than suggest that students voluntarily adopt filters.

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Planned Parenthood Loses $44 Million in Taxpayer Funds

The U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services (HHS) released a list of Title X grants that will no longer include Planned Parenthood affiliates in five states because of their affiliation with abortion, a cut that amounts to a loss of about $44 million in taxpayer funding.

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Woman to Woman: Unplanned Actress Confronts Alyssa Milano

Actress Ashley Bratcher, in the role of Abby Johnson, speaks with clinic workers in the film Unplanned.

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Women are very much at the center of today’s culture wars, and no where is this more evident than in the latest abortion conflagration in Georgia over passage of the “heartbeat” bill. Unplanned star Ashley Bratcher, a resident of the state, decided to use her feminine genius to teach actress Alyssa Milano a lesson about how to fight for women’s rights.

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