Alive from New York: 4-D Ultrasound Coming to Times Square Jumbotron

On May 4, promoters of New York’s radical new abortion law will have no where to hide from the facts of life when the massive digital marquee in Times Square is lit up with the 4-D ultrasound of a third-trimester pregnancy that clearly shows just how alive and human are the babies the state’s new law is allowing to be killed.

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For Your Marriage: Dealing with the Empty Nest

by Judy Clark

The Situation

Tom and Maribeth are college sweethearts married 29 years. They feel they have a stable marriage that has involved raising four children. It has been a wild ride of parenthood with a few hair-raising experiences. Still, they both agree that all four have been successfully launched into adulthood. And now that their youngest has recently married, they are truly an “empty nest” marriage, not just the “shifting nest” of college years and a few years beyond.

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Vatican to Rule on McCarrick Case This Month

It is expected that the case involving disgraced former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick who is accused of various incidents of sexual abuse over the past 50 years, will be decided by the Vatican before the February 21-24 bishops summit on clerical abuse.

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