Super Bowl Champion Relies on Wife’s Witchcraft

After winning his sixth Super Bowl, it’s safe to say that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knows how to win a lot of football games. But he doesn’t rely on grueling practices and tough workouts alone. Brady says he also relies on superstitious practices gleaned from his wife’s witchcraft to get ready for big games.

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The Mystery of the “Macbeth” Curse

                                 MacBeth and the Witches (Wikicommons)

DD asks: “Is there any truth to the belief that the play, Macbeth, was once cursed by a coven of witches, which is why there are so many accidents during productions of the play?”

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Can a Pendulum Predict a Baby’s Sex?

JH writes: “I cant find much on the topic but am curious if the pendulum wives tale (tie a ring on a string) to predict baby gender falls into a superstition/new age category to be avoided? I tried this recently and have found it to be very accurate on multiple occasions. If there is any validity to the results I’d like to believe there is a God given explanation that is scientifically based (even if yet discovered). . . .”

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