Make a List for Christmas Presence

Christmas is almost here! You made your lists, checked them twice. You began your mission to find the best Christmas present for everyone on your list on time Black Friday. You were off with the pack. Thankfully you did your homework, checked sale ads before leaving home, scanned the web, and asked advice from the gift receivers. You fought the crowds to get that perfect item. You rejoiced each time you crossed a person off your list.

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This Thanksgiving, I’ll Bring the Thanks

In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Who is bringing a thankful heart to their Thanksgiving table? This holiday season consider bringing an attitude of gratitude to your feast, along with the pumpkin pie, the sweet potatoes and turkey. I promise you every one at the table will beg for a second helping.

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When Life Ends Too Soon: A Mother’s Memoir

Life has a way of hiding the journey ahead for fear that if we knew the future, we would find a reason not to get out of bed. I like to think that a ministering angel is sent by God to cover my eyes so that I do not see too far ahead. If I did, I am afraid that I would be paralyzed with panic and fear. I have found that some crosses in this life seem just too heavy to bear. These crosses have left a scar on my shoulder that never fades. That is the way it was with the birth of our miracle baby, Zachary Luke John.

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Motherhood: A Journey to Sanctification

The Mongan family at daughter Kaitlyn’s wedding in June, 2017

I was not a good candidate for motherhood. Had I gone for a “job” interview, I would not have been given the job. If there had been a try out, like for a cheerleader squad, they would not have selected me for the team. I did not have the qualifications, the necessary skills or the “heart” required. I don’t think I even had a desire to apply for the job. However somewhere on my journey God grew within me a “mother’s heart.”

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Jesus, I Offer You My Nothingness

A prayer by Ellen Mongan

Jesus, I offer You myself today, in my nothingness.
As I begin a new day, let me live in You, for You and through You.
I come as a beggar asking You Jesus, to use me as a vessel of Your love.
I seek You alone…Please fill me with Your unending love, so I can pour it out on everyone I meet.
If You do not fill me, I will have nothing to give them.

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