When Life Ends Too Soon: A Mother’s Memoir

Life has a way of hiding the journey ahead for fear that if we knew the future, we would find a reason not to get out of bed. I like to think that a ministering angel is sent by God to cover my eyes so that I do not see too far ahead. If I did, I am afraid that I would be paralyzed with panic and fear. I have found that some crosses in this life seem just too heavy to bear. These crosses have left a scar on my shoulder that never fades. That is the way it was with the birth of our miracle baby, Zachary Luke John.

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Motherhood: A Journey to Sanctification

The Mongan family at daughter Kaitlyn’s wedding in June, 2017

I was not a good candidate for motherhood. Had I gone for a “job” interview, I would not have been given the job. If there had been a try out, like for a cheerleader squad, they would not have selected me for the team. I did not have the qualifications, the necessary skills or the “heart” required. I don’t think I even had a desire to apply for the job. However somewhere on my journey God grew within me a “mother’s heart.”

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Jesus, I Offer You My Nothingness

A prayer by Ellen Mongan

Jesus, I offer You myself today, in my nothingness.
As I begin a new day, let me live in You, for You and through You.
I come as a beggar asking You Jesus, to use me as a vessel of Your love.
I seek You alone…Please fill me with Your unending love, so I can pour it out on everyone I meet.
If You do not fill me, I will have nothing to give them.

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Three Dads, Three Lessons

by Ellen Mongan

As Father’s Day approaches, my mind races to memories of what I learned from my three best dads. Life is full of learning experiences. I try to learn something from everyone I encounter. I have learned the most from the three most important fathers in my life, my dad, my father-in-law and of course my husband. I hope this article spurs you on to remember what your dad has taught you.

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