Magic, Murder, and the Pennsylvania Dutch Pow Wow

(Nicholas Tonelli, Wikicommons,

CA writes: “I recently heard about a practice called Pow Wowing by the Pennsylvania Dutch. I am sure it is a bad idea. Would you post about this practice? There was a true murder story I saw on Prime Video called “Hex Hollow”. Someone was killed because they were thought to have put a hex on someone. The practice was called PowWow. I never heard of such a thing. Of course, they interviewed someone who claimed it was just a bunch of prayers, but I know it isn’t.”

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Witchcraft Invades the BLM Movement

As the nation remains in the grips of protests surrounding the death of George Floyd and other black Americans at the hands of police, witches are now aiding the cause by placing hexes on police and offering “prayers” of protection for protestors.

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Schoenstatt Movement is 100% Catholic

Mother Thrice Admirable

SS writes: “Would you please let me know if the Catholic Church approves the apostolic endeavor of “Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen & Victress of Schoenstatt” which originally began by Fr. Joseph Kentenich in 1914?”

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How Diversity and Consumerism is Fueling the New Age

The New Age is everywhere these days. Health care workers in our hospitals offer us Reiki, therapeutic touch, aromatherapy, and reflexology. Yoga and tai chi have taken over the gym and invaded our schools. Parishes host “Christian yoga” classes and retreat houses offer labyrinths, enneagrams and Christian Zen. It’s even in the vet’s office where a pet owner can get their anxious animal some relief through” integrated energy therapy.” How is the New Age getting so far so fast?

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Beware of So-Called “Church Approved” Coronavirus Prevention

Alleged revelations from Our Lady to a Costa Rican woman that call for the use of essential oils to prevent infection by the coronavirus have gone viral on the Internet. What should Catholics make of revelations such as these?

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Parents Beware of Red-Door-Yellow-Door Sleep-Over Game

A youth group minister alerted us to a trance-induction game known as Red-Door-Yellow-Door which is enjoying enormous popularity at sleepovers and on the teen social media platform, TIKTOK, even though it has left many players shaken and afraid.

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