About Claire Dwyer

Claire Dwyer is an unapologetically Catholic mom to six beautiful kids ages 17 to 3 and lucky wife to a great - and very patient - man, who finds joy in the surprising little glimmers God gives us of Himself - unexpected suggestions of heaven in the everyday, even in the crumbs and chaos. She delights in the sacramentality of daily life; and in the discovery that everything points to something beyond itself. With that lens that we find in the deepest pockets of our prayer, we see the glimpses of clarity in the shadows. And sometimes, by grace, the sun startles us with its brilliance.

“Because I Know We are One”: Helen Alvaré on Hope for a Church in Crisis

Photo Courtesy of Even the Sparrow

When I was invited to attend the FOCUS conference, SLS20: “Made for Mission” in Phoenix Dec 30-Jan 3, I jumped at the chance. The prior year’s event, SEEK2019, had been attended by some friends who declared it life-changing. And to have it in my backyard? Count me in!

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The Four Temperaments Are NOT New Age!

Know Thyself, and thy faults, and thus live. – St. Augustine

My mother had me pegged at a very young age. I remember walking into her bedroom as she put down the book Transformed Temperaments by Tim LaHaye and smiled at twelve-year-old me. “You,” she said with certainty, “are a melancholic.” It didn’t mean much then–although I remember it clearly–but years later I would come to learn and appreciate the four temperaments. Sure enough, even as a child, melancholic me was more likely to be writing poetry than playing sports or crying over a poignant novel than hanging out with friends.

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My Father’s House: On the Sacredness of Our Places and Spaces

We pulled up to my childhood home in the middle of the night, the Wisconsin green shrouded in darkness. I immediately sensed all the summers of my childhood in the dim stillness as the screen door squeaked shut behind us. Whispering, I led five of my desert-dwelling children upstairs to the bedrooms, each step groaning with a familiar creak in the century-old bungalow.

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Servant of God Chiara Corbella Petrillo: Shining a Light on the Sanctity of Life

I love the Saints.  I love that the Church gives them to us, raises them up so that we can see what holiness looks like lived out in this life.  I love that they point to something better, brighter.  What we see in shadows, little hints in the sacrament of the everyday, the heavenly saints behold in full glory.  Here in the shadowlands we strain for a pale shimmer of heavenly sunrise, while they stand in full sun.

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