Memoirs of a Happy Failure: A Conversation with Alice von Hildebrand


Last fall I picked up a book in our parish bookstore – and couldn’t put it down.  Alice von Hildebrand’s Memoirs of a Happy Failure captured me with it’s title.  You see, it promised a glimpse into the life of a woman I had admired since encountering her work as a theology undergrad writing a thesis on spiritual maternity. Read the rest…

Archbishop Chaput Calls Upon Faithful to Resist Increasing Intolerance of Christianity

By Susan Brinkmann, OCDS
Staff Journalist

While addressing the first session of the 15th symposium for the Canon Law Association of Slovakia this week, Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput  called upon Christians to fight against the “civil religion” of relativism and the rise of a “state-encouraged atheism” that seeks to reduce religion to “an individual lifestyle accessory.”

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