The Traumatic Impact of Pornography Use on Wives

A leading authority on sexual addition has written a hard-hitting article about the devastating impact a man’s use of pornography can have on his wife and how it can be the most emotionally painful thing a woman ever experiences.

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Clean Heart

August 9

“Create a clean heart in me, O God.”

Imagine for a moment that your heart is like a chalkboard filled with writing. It’s covered in words and smudges. What do the words say? Now, erase those words; spray a cleaner on it and wipe away the smudge. And all of a sudden, it’s spotless. Oh, how I wish I could purify my heart that easily! But, I can’t. I cannot erase painful memories and the fears of letting others see the real me; I can’t wipe clean the scars that have toughened over the years; and I can’t break the chains that sometimes suffocate the life out of me.

But, God can. He can renew my heart in an instant (although we don’t normally see purification happen that fast in our human idea of time.). God has to work on us— He strips away layers like an onion, and every layer beneath has its own work to be done.

I remember recently when my spiritual director told me that God had to do some work on me, and that it’s going to hurt. But He always uses the most gentle means possible. And it’s true. The last few months are a testament to His gentleness and charity. He has really purified my heart in ways I couldn’t imagine, although He has asked some things of me that really hurt. Surrendering can be really painful. But, I know it’s necessary. I know that heart He holds so dearly in His hands has needed some work; and I know when He’s done with this big phase of operation, it’ll be ready to experience all life and love have to offer it. And I can’t wait for that day.

Is it time for you to let God do some pruning? Tell Him you’re scared, but know that He won’t do anything unnecessary, and He will give you what you need to endure it.

Woman of Grace: St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross


St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein, 1891 – 1942)

She was a brilliant scholar, a contemplative mystic, and a “liberated” feminist. At various times she was also a devout Jew, an atheist, a philosopher, a Catholic, and a Carmelite nun. Hers was a heart that hungered for truth, with a passion that burned with such purity and clarity that Pope John Paul II, whose own Mulieris Dignitatem and “Letter to Women” bear the unmistakable imprint of her spirit, canonized her less than fifty years after her death at Auschwitz. Read the rest…

FDA Buying “Fresh” Fetal Tissue from Aborted Americans

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is now officially involved in the buying of human body parts from aborted fetuses after entering into a new contract to acquire “human fetal tissue” for the purpose of transplanting it into mice to give them a functional “human immune system.”

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August 9

“Sin makes men accomplices of one another and causes concupiscence, violence, and injustice to reign among them.  Sins give rise to social situations and institutions that are contrary to the divine goodness.  ‘Structures of sin’ are the expression and effect of personal sins.  They lead their victims to do evil in their turn.  In an analogous sense, they constitute a ‘social sin’.”
-Catechism of the Catholic Church 1869

Argentina Votes to Reject Abortion

Argentinian children playing music on the streets of Buenos Aires

The cause for the protection of human life scored a huge win in the homeland of Pope Francis yesterday when the Argentinian senate voted to reject a bill that would have legalized elective abortion.

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