New ABC Drama Gets Real About Abortion

somewhere betweenDuring an episode of ABC’s Somewhere Between, a very candid discussion about abortion takes place in which the trauma and sorrow women experience after the procedure is clearly communicated.

Newsbusters’ Amelia Hamilton is reporting on the show which is based on the story of a popular news producer in San Francisco named Laura Price (played by Paula Patton). She is in the process of helping police track down a serial killer when her daughter, Serena, is kidnapped and murdered. She is so distraught over her daughter’s death that she attempts suicide, only to wake up and find herself caught in a kind of “time loop” which brings her to the week before her daughter is murdered. She then teams up with an ex-cop named Nico Jackson, who experienced a similar “reset” moment and who joins her in trying to catch the killer and change her daughter’s fate.

The imaginative story line is based on the Korean mystery TV show entitled, God’s Gift: 14 Days, in which a mother finds herself capable of going back in time in order to catch the killer who murdered her child.

In the August 8 episode of the new show, which premiered on July 24 and airs at 10:00 p.m. EST on Tuesdays, Laura is working to find her daughter’s killer when she notices that her co-worker and friend, Mara (played by Erica Carroll), isn’t acting like herself. She suspects that Mara had an abortion, which could explain why she was upset by Laura’s quest to spare the life of her child.

“Did you terminate the pregnancy?” Laura asks Mara.

“How did you know that?” Mara asks.

“I know,” Laura says. “Did the father pressure you to do it?”

“Out loud? Oh, no, he would never. But, uh, he did make it clear that if I didn’t, I would be twisting in the wind. I just keep thinking about this little munchkin that I’m never gonna see and who’s never gonna skin her knee, who’s never gonna have her first kiss…”

The scene accurately describes the continual agony women endure after they are forced – for whatever reason – to terminate a pregnancy.

“There is so much honesty here about abortion,” Hamilton writes. “It is honest about the fact that she did not want to have the abortion but was made to feel that she had to. This wasn’t a woman who felt empowered to make a choice, but a woman who was made to feel that she didn’t have a choice at all.”

While watching Laura struggle to save the life of Serena, Mara was obviously haunted by memories of the little girl whose life she couldn’t save.

Later in the show, Mara refers to her abortion as “my trauma,” which is exactly what it is for so many women who are pressured into having abortions.

“It is time we got honest about what abortion is and what it does to women,” Hamilton says, “and scenes like this are a great start.”

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