Daily Gracelines – Lenten Journey with Mary – Day 20


Daily Gracelines – Lenten Journey with Mary – Day 20

Mary’s sorrowing heart is the perfect “vehicle” to take us more deeply into the passion of Jesus, Our Lord.

I pray for the grace to enter deeply into the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ by means of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

March 20:

“When the hour came the disciples fled, but Mary remained at the foot of the Cross, near her Son she was prepared, she was ready for anything, even this.”

— Federico Suarez

 For Reflection:

In light of Matthew 7:14, how did the narrow way prepare Mary for Golgotha? How has each contradiction and sorrow of your life prepared you for the next? With supernatural outlook, see how these sufferings and difficulties have formed the path of your own Via Dolorosa. Giving your fiat at the foot of this, your cross, unite them to the Cross of Our Lord. Journal your insights.


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