Watch this Pro-Life Flash Mob!

peru pro life flashmobSaturday’s March for Life in Peru is said to have attracted more than 750,000 people – many of them youth who are impassioned for life and weren’t afraid to proclaim that message in a rousing song and dance flash mob in the middle of Lima! came across this video of hundreds of pro-life youth who took their message to the streets of Lima, forming a flash mob to the theme:  “La Calle Es Nuestra: Defienda La Vida (The Street is Ours: Defend Life).”

As LifeSite reports, not only are Peruvians the most pro-life population in the world, their annual March for Life could be the largest in the world. This year’s march drew 750,000 people compared to the largest U.S. march which drew 650,000 in 2013.

Check out this video of the flash mob and be inspired by their spirit!


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