I Am Who Is


God’s words to St. Catherine of Sienna:GodPowerof
“You are she who is not, and I am Who is.”

For Reflection:

To what extent have I placed my confidence in God for all things? Which one thing do I need to give Him today?


                                                        Failure   pg 109

“See that you are not suddenly saddened by the adversities of this world, for you do not know the good they bring, being ordained in the judgments of God for the everlasting joy of the elect.”  – St. John of the Cross (In other words, failure may even be helpful or necessary in our efforts to reach Heaven)

B1680-Saintly Solutions

Saintly Solutions to Life’s Common Problems:

 From Anger, Boredom, and Temptation

to Gluttony, Gossip, and Greed 

by Fr Joseph Esper   

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