A Tale of Acupressure, Toe Rings and Weight Loss

MB asks: “My friend bought an acupressure ring and swears that it helped her lose weight. Is this possible?”

If people could lose weight simply by sliding a ring on their finger, do you really think we’d have an obesity epidemic in the U.S.?

As you might have guessed by that initial snarky comment, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support the use of acupressure rings for weight loss. For that matter, there’s no proof that acupressure works for anything.  

For those of you who are not familiar with acupressure, it is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that operates along the same principles as acupuncture, only instead of using needles, it uses the hands to exert pressure on certain points on the body.

In addition to so-called weight loss rings, there is also the Body Slimming Toe Ring (I’m not making this up). It is a silicon band with magnets that fits around the big toes and supposedly exerts pressure on points in the body associated with weight loss. As usual, no clinical trials can be found in support of its claims. The only good thing about it is the price – 3 pair for just $7.39 at Amazon! 

Your money would be better spent on healthy and more successful weight loss strategies, or simply by eating less and exercising more.

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4 Response to “A Tale of Acupressure, Toe Rings and Weight Loss

  1. In reading this article, I have to say, I personally believe their are benefits of acupressure by a medical licensed person who knows what they are doing. Expert acupressure can release toxins, stress, aid the digestive system, smooth back and shoulder muscles, etc. There are specific points that an expert to work with for a healthy result. As far as “toe rings”, I have not heard of this. This must be something new. I would suggest people check with their health care professional or massage therapist.

  2. wow! your answer is so disappointing! while I realize you are talking about the toe ring and weight loss, please keep in mind that “scientific” evidence is not the only basis to come to a conclusion. Scientific studies are expensive and usually done by drug companies or government agencies. Neither of which would be interested in proving that Chinese Medicine works!!
    If you look at the history of the Chinese culture obviously they are doing something that works from a health stand point! Their culture dates back prior to Jesus Christ himself!!
    I have MS, and this time last year I was taking 7 prescrition medication, I weighed 192 pounds, and was unable to work, much less even stay awake! My blood pressure was 148/114! among a multitude of other complaints! Right now, I weigh 125 pounds, my primary care physician has one by one discontinued all of my prescription. My b/p is 100/60. I am working full time. My neurologist said to me “whatever your doing is obviously working, keep it up!! My MRI’s have showed improvment with the leisions on my brain! And all of this is from a very good wellness plan that includes Chinese Medicine. But of course, there is not any scientific proof that it can help with MS! The secret to life is balance> spiritual, emotional, environmental, etc!!
    Martha Phillips

    • Thanks for your great comments, Martha, and we’re relieved that you’re feeling better. Our faith requires us to use ordinary means when possible – especially for serious and/or contagious conditions – and not to resort to untested means because it can mean embracing “superstitious medicine” (untested medicine) and can also cause suffering to our loved ones. While it is wonderful that you recovered so well, there are so many reasons why a person’s condition can change that it’s impossible to say it was just due to the Chinese Medicine. It is also not safe to believe something is good because it dates back to ancient times – so does astrology and the occult – but that doesn’t make these things good. Serious health risks are associated with some forms of Chinese Medicine and if you peruse the index on this blog, you will find several articles detailing these issues which I strongly recommend reading.

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