Comforter of the Afflicted (Consolatrix Afflictorum)

Mary is called the Comforter of the Afflicted because she is the solace, consolation and comforter of our lives. Images that portray her under this title show her portrait enclosed in the disk of the moon, which symbolizes the contrast between Mary’s constancy, fidelity and unwavering faith and the changing status of the waxing and waning moon.  In antiquity, the moon was thought to be the guide and protector of charioteers. 


But along with her consolation comes direction, which is why she is so often shown pointing the way. Images of her under this title frequently include a ship to denote her guidance through the storms of life. A banquet scene is also used to depict her intercession like that of the biblical Queen Esther who begged the King for the life of her people during a specially prepared feast for him and the evil Haman. Esther is a well-known symbol or type of Mary because of her attitude of prayer and intercessory power.


Thus, Mary is called the comforter of the afflicted because she is both mother of and intercessor with Christ.


For Reflection:


Go back and read the letter you wrote to Our Lady yesterday. Make it the prayer of your heart and then sit silently and wait for her maternal inspiration. Does she give you instruction and guidance? Direction? Which way is she pointing out for you? Journal your insights and express your gratitude to Our Lord for the gift He has given us in His Mother.

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