Mother Relates Scary Encounter with Maximized Living Chriropractor

We recently wrote an article assessing a consumer scam known as Maximized Living Chiropractics. The following testimony is from a woman whose negative experience ought to give everyone cause to pause before becoming involved in this practice.

MH writes: I went to a Maximized living Chiropractor recently for my 9 year old daughter.

First off, I was so surprised that they took my daughter’s X-rays while she was in the sitting position. Also, in the xrays you can see my daughter’s zipper and metal buttons all over the xray, making it hard to even see her spine. I thought this was very unprofessional that they didn’t even remove the metal before taking these xrays (but they said that’s how they do things there).

Then when the xrays came back the doctor looked extremely worried, he told me that my daughter’s spine was completely out of alignment and that she was in danger. He said that her health was on the line and that we need to work quickly to “save her”. He said that her spine is the worst he’s ever seen. He also said that no other doctor, except for him, would ever be able to fix her.

I was scared and upset for my daughter, my husband is over in Iraq with the military right now and this is all I need is another person to worry about. I decided not to pay him the thousands of dollars he wanted (up front) and get a 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinion on my daughter’s xrays instead and I’m so glad that I did! As it turns out, my daughter’s spine is fine! The 3 other chiropractors that I hired to look at her xrays all told me that my daughter is fine and that they have never heard of a chiropractor taking xrays in a sitting position. In fact, they said that is “deceptive” and recommended that I turn maximized living in to the state, which I am doing now. I filed a complaint with the Maximized Living headquarters and the COO told me that they do train their doctors to give xrays in the sitting position because this is the best way to see stress on the spine. All the Chiropractor College I have called said that this was completely deceptive and scary practice.

I want to stop these crooks from potentially scaring and hurting other people again, they are nothing short of a total scam, using God’s name to get rich, it’s disgusting really.

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7 Response to “Mother Relates Scary Encounter with Maximized Living Chriropractor

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  7. SBrinkmann, I am so glad you wrote this post! The people at Maximized Living are insane. They gave me a discount price of $3125 (vs $5600) over 10 months or $2650 one-time payment. Of course I didn’t do it.

    They used scare tactics (showing me other people’s X-Rays… is this even legal!?) and told me that those who weren’t treated by them ended up dying in various ways (developing cancer). It terms of my own X-ray, they took them while I was in a seated position.