Poem of Woman

“A woman is a kind of poem about love, peace, and compassion. These gifts enable her to know, love, and serve God in a generous way, with perseverance and affection.
                                                            Mother Angelica, P.C.P.A.

For Reflection:              “Poetry is a literary genre that appeals to the imagination. It evokes emotion and sentiment, artfully draws connections and relationships, and leads toward a raising of the heart and mind to greater things.  Some of the features of poetry are rhythm, grace, fluidity, musicality, form, and imagery.  Consider Mother Angelica’s comparison of woman as a poem.  Why is this an apt metaphor? Consider the qualities Mother says the “poem of woman” embodies. What do they enable her to do? If these are true of woman, they are true to the superlative degree of Mary, the Perfect Woman. How do you think Mary was a poem at the moment the fourth dolor penetrated her heart?

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