Prayer, An Essential and Indispensable Component of One’s Vocation

January 20

Prayer is the basic prerequisite to service of the Church and the world. Every believer should always think of prayer as an essential and indispensable component of one’s vocation.”

                                                           -St. Pope John Paul the Great Read the rest…

Trump to Marchers: “You are Special, Special People!”

President Donald J. Trump made history today by being the first sitting president to address the March for Life. While standing in the Rose Garden, flanked by a large group of young families, he told the marchers that the annual event was a movement “born out of love” and called the thousands of marchers, “special, special people.”

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He is Near Enough to Hear Us

January 19

However softly we speak, He is near enough to hear us. Neither is there any need for wings to go to find Him. All one need do is go into solitude and look at Him within oneself…Since He does not force our will, He takes what we give Him; but He does not give Himself completely unless we give ourselves completely.

                                                                     -St. Teresa of Avila Read the rest…

76% of Americans Want Stricter Abortion Laws

The hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans who converged on Washington today for the 45th annual march for life have a lot to celebrate as a new poll reveals that nearly a strong majority of Americans are now in favor of stricter limits on abortion.

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Love for Love: When Valentine’s Day Meets Ash Wednesday

To some, love might mean never having to say you’re sorry, but on this Valentine’s Day – which happens to fall on Ash Wednesday – millions of Catholics will be doing just that as they kick off the penitential season of Lent on the same day that they celebrate the great gift of love.

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Study Analyzes Catholic Women and the Faith

A new study has uncovered some interesting facts about the faith life of Catholic women, with majorities reporting that they believe in God and pray daily, but much smaller numbers say they are attending Mass and Confession.

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Praying with Your Whole Being

January 18

Pray with your whole being even though you think it has no savor for you. For such prayer is very profitable even though you feel nothing, though you see nothing, even though it seems impossible to you. It is in dryness and barrenness, in sickness and feebleness that your prayer is most pleasing to me, even though you think that it has little savor for you.

                                                         Julian of Norwich

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