What God Wills

June 22

 Feast of St. Thomas More
“Do not let your mind by troubled over anything that shall happen to me in this world.  Nothing can come but what God wills.  And I am very sure that whatever that be, however bad it may seem, it shall indeed be best.”
                                 -St. Thomas More to his daughter
during his imprisonment

To be made straight

June 21

Feast of St. Aloysius Gonzaga
I am but a crooked piece of iron and have come into religion to be made straight by the hammer of mortification and penance.
                                                                        -St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Parents Lay Down the Law About Islamic Indoctrination in Public Schools

Parents who are becoming increasingly fed up with public schools that allow teachers to indoctrinate students in Islam under the guise of “world religion” or “social studies” courses are fighting back in court – and winning!

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Will Yoga & Meditation Make You Snooty?

Anyone who has ever encountered a holier-than-thou yoga practitioner will not be surprised by the findings of a new study that found regular yoga and meditation practitioners experience a surge in ego just after a session.

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Jesus, I Offer You My Nothingness

A prayer by Ellen Mongan

Jesus, I offer You myself today, in my nothingness.
As I begin a new day, let me live in You, for You and through You.
I come as a beggar asking You Jesus, to use me as a vessel of Your love.
I seek You alone…Please fill me with Your unending love, so I can pour it out on everyone I meet.
If You do not fill me, I will have nothing to give them.

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Finding Joy in the Cross

June 20

“I could not be happy without the Cross – I could not lay it down for all the world would give. With the Cross I am happy; but without it would be lost.”
                                                –Blessed Mary of the Cross MacKillop

Youth Synod To Address Issues Ranging From Sexuality to Dissent

The Vatican has released a working document for the October, 2018 youth synod that calls for candid discussions on the real issues impacting young Catholics from homosexuality and gender issues to disagreement with Church teaching.

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We’ve Come a Long Way Since the First Fortnight for Freedom!

This Friday, June 22, Catholics across America will kick off the seventh annual Fortnight for Freedom and will do so after a year of impressive gains in religious freedom which prove that prayerful action really can make a difference in our world!

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Just Immigration Policies Keep Families Together

Something needs to be done immediately to stop the separation of children from their parents on the nation’s border, but unless our immigration policy is fixed, how can we insure that these injustices won’t happen again?

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