The New Age/Occult Roots of the 5Rhythms

Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012) (YouTube)

Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012)

We have received a question from a reader about a form of trance dancing known as the 5Rhythms. Is it New Age? And are there any connections to the occult?

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Rosaries Made of Crystals are Not Dangerous

warriorsrosariesA reader writes: “I have a question about whether it is alright to pray with a rosary made of crystals? A Carmelite order in the USA, the Sisters of Carmel, offers a custom rosary making service and it is possible to select semi-precious stones like amethyst or jade for a beautiful and unique rosary. Is there anything dangerous or New Age about praying with such a rosary?” Read the rest…

Are Gaia Cards Okay to Use?

gaia cardsSG writes: “Might you be so kind as to let me know if this new stuff I have learned from a new friend is going against GOD our only healer or if I am ok using these cards . . . as positive things and affirmations? I was born and raised Baptist now Methodist and I need to know as I am very unsure and don’t want to open the door to witch craft.”

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Chilling Testimony Reveals Dangers of New Age

crystal massageWe recently received this testimony from a reader of our blog who warns that even people who consider themselves to be devout in their faith can be seriously harmed by dabbling in New Age and/or occult-based practices. As this reader warns: “The devil seduces Christians into the New Age by making it seem harmless.” It’s not!

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