What’s a Pagan Workshop Doing in a Catholic Conference Center?

Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral and Conference Center

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles is being criticized after news broke that the conference center affiliated with Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral is being used for a Filipino native spirituality workshop that one critic says will expose Catholics to the demonic.

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Can a Christian Be a Clairvoyant?

SP writes: “With demonic activity on the rise with support from the left and the media (i.e. TV shows “Lucifer,” “Long Island Medium,” etc.), I wondered if it is possible for one to be a legitimate clairvoyant and be Christian as well. Is it possible for ANYONE to be clairvoyant? Are there those who can “see” into other’s minds, solve crimes, etc.? If so, is this a “gift” from our LORD or always demonic in origin. Scripture is clear that occult activity is an abomination to GOD. But is it possible that certain kinds of clairvoyant ability is GOD’s will?”

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Renowned Irish Exorcist Calls for More Help

                                           Father Pat Collins (YouTube)

Father Pat Collins, one of Ireland’s most renowned exorcists, says an increase in demonic manifestations and even possessions in that country is creating a need for Church leaders to appoint a team of exorcists to handle the demand.

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Chilling Testimony on Dangers of New Age & Mindfulness

In response to a radio interview that I did about my new book, A Catholic Guide to Mindfulness, with Dan Burke and Melissa Elson of Divine Intimacy Radio, we received this testimony from a woman who believes her experience with the New Age and mindfulness caused her years of suffering.

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Pixar’s “Coco” Promotes Pagan Beliefs

Coco (YouTube)

JB writes: “There is a new Disney movie for which I have seen a short preview.  It is apparently based on the Mexican Day of the Dead. Is this the same as All Souls Day? Or does this movie have something to do with “Saint Death”, which clearly isn’t good or of God.  . . . Catholic and Christian symbols are often mixed with new age items, so I am confused. Would you please clarify the meaning of this movie for me?”

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