“Jesus Calling” Book Purged of Occult References

Jesus CallingDue to complaints about the New Age/occult content in the wildly successful book, Jesus Calling, which claims to have been inspired by God Calling, a book written by two “automatic writers” who were supposedly channeling God, publisher Thomas Nelson has purged all references to this source from new editions of the book. Read the rest…

Modern Mystery Schools: New Age on Steroids

Gudni Gudnason

Gudni Gudnason

JW writes: “How can I show those close to me that the Modern Mystery School classes entitled ‘Know Thyself’ and ‘Empower Thyself’ go against Catholic teaching and should not be taken by Catholics?  They claim that they are not religious classes, that anyone of any religion can take these for spiritual/personal growth.  A woman claiming to be Catholic is teaching courses from the Modern Mystery school entitled astral travel and sacred geometry. She also calls herself an Adept, Initiated, Shaman…and holds goddess nights to bring in the energy of ancient goddesses—one such goddess they celebrate is Mary the mother of Jesus. They claim that Jesus is the Source, the Light…They study the universal Kabballah.  My sister and nieces are taking these classes and I am very concerned.”

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