Beware of Reiki-Infused Products/Jewelry

We recently had a question about a so-called “Psychic Vampire Repellent” being sold on Gwyneth Paltrow’s outlandish Goop site which supposedly contains tiny “Reiki-charged crystals.” As ridiculous as it might sound, there’s a whole cottage industry devoted to distributing “Reiki-infused” products from jewelry to “kid calming mists” that should alarm anyone familiar with this occult-based practice.

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Washington Post Religion Writer Admits Being an Occultist


Here’s another reason why you shouldn’t put too much stock in the mainstream media when it comes to honest reporting – the Washington Post’s elite religion writer has just revealed that she has been a life-long enthusiast of the occult and thinks all religions are “magic.”

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Witchcraft Rising

A recent story about wicca/witchcraft becoming one of the fastest growing religions in the Hudson Valley sheds light on the rising popularity of “the Craft,” thanks in part to pop culture which presents the occult as being “hip” rather than what it is – extremely dangerous.

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