Wonder Woman . . . and Planned Parenthood?



Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

There’s nothing that Planned Parenthood would like more than to jump on the Wonder Woman bandwagon, but this production is hardly the epitome of the old-school feminism that inspired the story nearly 75 years ago.

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Pope: Without Mothers, Society Would be Merciless

mary of nazarethIn his homily celebrating the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God, Pope Francis said that it is the maternal face of a mother that protects society from the corrosive disease of being “spiritual orphans” – people who have no sense of belonging and become narcissistic and interested in only their own interests.

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Harrisburg Bishop Praises Women of Grace Program!

Johnnette signing copies of her new book, "Graceful Living," at the First Annual Women's Conference in the diocese of Allentown

Johnnette signing copies of her new book, “Graceful Living,” at the First Annual Women’s Conference in the diocese of Allentown

The Most Rev. Ronald W. Gainer, bishop of the Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has issued a ringing endorsement of the Women of Grace program, calling it a program that has produced good fruits in the lives of women for the past decade.

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Memoirs of a Happy Failure: A Conversation with Alice von Hildebrand


Last fall I picked up a book in our parish bookstore – and couldn’t put it down.  Alice von Hildebrand’s Memoirs of a Happy Failure captured me with it’s title.  You see, it promised a glimpse into the life of a woman I had admired since encountering her work as a theology undergrad writing a thesis on spiritual maternity. Read the rest…

Lenten Exercises For You And Your Spouse

186123375Imagine you and your spouse driving down an open road and all you see out the window is an endless body of water, along with a beautiful beach and captivating sunset. What is your first thought? Is it the beauty of God’s creation? Is it the thought of how the water came to be? Does your husband want to go fishing? Or do you wish you could lie down and relax on the beach? Regardless of what your thoughts or desires may be, God created that image, even if it was a manmade body of water. He created the water, he created the sand, and he has complete control over the sunset. He may have even put those desires on your heart: the desire to relax and rejuvenate what may have been lost amidst the busyness of your schedule.

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Five Things No One Tells You About Marriage

Hello all Women of Grace blog readers! I hope you are enjoying your Fourth of July holiday week! I know it’s been a while, but I hope the wait was worth it because the topic I chose is for those who are not yet married, or, for very, very newly married couples. Read the rest…