Pixar’s “Coco” Promotes Pagan Beliefs

Coco (YouTube)

JB writes: “There is a new Disney movie for which I have seen a short preview.  It is apparently based on the Mexican Day of the Dead. Is this the same as All Souls Day? Or does this movie have something to do with “Saint Death”, which clearly isn’t good or of God.  . . . Catholic and Christian symbols are often mixed with new age items, so I am confused. Would you please clarify the meaning of this movie for me?”

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Can We Wear Native American Symbols?

LR writes: “A First Nation person told me that, although a lot of native Christian people use native art (totem poles, dances to the spirit world, symbols of eagles, ravens, whales, wolf) etc., these are not of God, not sanctioned by God and should be avoided (and burned if you have them). She said these represent old pagan beliefs (God is all creation, when a raven speaks to you it is sharing of creation). Is there a problem wearing a sweater with a large eagle native form on the clothes, and such?”

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Can We Use Medicine Wheels in Church?

M&AH write: “Our parish priest is setting up a devotional shrine to St. Kateri Tekakwitha inside the parish. On the wall in the shrine of St. Kateri there is going to be a medicine wheel. The pastor says that the wheel is a symbol of unity among the Lakota people and is approved for use in Catholic ceremonies. To our understanding, the medicine wheel is a pagan symbol of which St. Kateri would have renounced upon being baptized Catholic. Could you please tell us if this is approved for use in Catholic ceremonies and if having this medicine wheel in a Catholic church is permitted?”

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