The Importance of Prayer

April 14

June 14

       “Give up prayer, and you no longer see the inwardness of things; you see only the surface. And with nothing to go by but effects, statistics, and evidence supplied by natural perceptions, you arrive at the wrong conclusions.”

                                                                   -Dom Hubert Van Zeller Read the rest…

A Unique Quality of Woman

June 11

June 11

A quality unique to woman is her singular sensitivity to moral values and an abhorrence of all which is low and mean; this quality protects her against the dangers of seduction and total surrender to sensuality.

                                    -St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) Read the rest…

Sinners, Each One of Us

June 10

June 10

Yes, we are all sinners, but let us never forget that we are saved sinners. It is obvious that we are going to stumble a million times between our birth and death. But when we look at the Gospel, we see immediately that God came, not for the perfect ones, but for sinners. That means each one of us.”

– Catherine Doherty

     Today’s Reflection:

What solace these words bring to me as I consider my latest regret, my latest transgression! Thank you, Jesus, for reminding me today of your saving act of redemption.


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Knowing Our Spiritual Self

June 9

June 9 

      Feast of St. Ephrem, Deacon and Doctor  (306 – 373)

Savior, your crucifixion marked the end of your mortal life; teach us to crucify ourselves and make way for our life in the Spirit. May your resurrection, Jesus, bring true greatness to our spiritual self and may your sacraments be the mirror wherein we may know that self.

                                                                                     -St. Ephrem Read the rest…