Press Distorts Pope’s Words . . . Again

Large family at an animal parkCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Pope Francis was reportedly surprised to learn that his comments regarding responsible parenthood were so badly misunderstood by the mainstream media who used them as way to further their narrative that we have a progressive Pope who is gunning to rewrite Church teaching on social issues.

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Conspiring to Kill Off the Poor

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS 

Ron  Weddington

Ron Weddington

A little-known letter, sent to then-President Bill Clinton in 1992 by one of the attorneys who drafted the brief for abortion rights in Roe v. Wade, reveals the deadly eugenic mindset ofelites who believe they should decide who is worthy of life – and who needs to be eliminated.

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Merck on Trial for Using Poor Children to Test Gardasil

gardasilRepresentatives of pharmaceutical giant, Merck, will face a hearing today in India’s Supreme Court over the company’s alleged practice of using young girls from poor tribal communities to test its controversial anti-cervical cancer drug, Gardasil, as well as a new version due out this year.

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