Another UK Woman Dies From Pill

woman taking pillA 17 year-old ballerina from Romania, who had just received a scholarship to an elite dance school in England, died unexpectedly from a blood clot that doctors believe was caused by oral contraceptives, making her one of four women to have died from the pill in the UK in the last year alone.

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The Pill is NOT the Answer – It’s the Problem!

Jessica Nickels

Jessica Nickel

During a recent visit to Dallas, PA to speak about authentic femininity, I shared my evolution from a birth control pill-popping feminist to a woman who no longer needed to play the part of an “object” for men’s pleasure. After the talk, Jessica Nickel, a 32 year old wife and mother of a toddler shared her own story about how the pill is too often prescribed for women as a panacea rather than what it is – a problem.

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