“Catholics” for Choice Ad Campaign is an Epic Fail

CFC adCommentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

An abortion advocacy organization called “Catholics for Choice” (CFC) placed deceptive full-page newspaper ads in multiple cities on September 12 calling for taxpayer funding of abortion in the name of the Catholic faith, a move that brought swift condemnation from U.S. bishops and the faithful alike.

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Is “Religious Freedom” a License to Discriminate?

Commission Human Rights logoWhen the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights issued its shocking report last week in which it claimed phrases such as “religious liberty” and “religious liberty” were actually “code words” for discrimination, the Commission received swift backlash, including from the Church.

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Hurry! Public Comment Sought on HHS Mandate Until 9/20!

HHS LogoThe Obama administration has asked the public to weigh in on the five-year war it has waged against religious non-profit groups, including the Little Sisters of the Poor and Priests for Life, over the HHS mandate, and is giving citizens until September 20 to offer their solutions for how to accommodate the religious liberty of these organizations.

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