Study: People Hesitant to Opine on Social Media

FacebookOne of the big news stories this week is about how the government has just enlisted members of academia to begin to “police” online opinion for possible “misinformation”,  but a new study has found that people are not as anxious to share their views on-line as most of us believe.

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Nothing to Sneeze At: Lawyers Demand School Apologize to Student

dyer county highLawyers representing a Tennessee school student who was suspended for saying “God bless you” after a fellow student sneezed in class are demanding that the school not only exonerate the student, but to publicly apologize to her and change their unconstitutional rules.

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Health of 3-Parent Children in Question

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

IVFOfficials are now investigating the health of 30 children who were born more than a decade ago via a controversial process that has since been banned because it relied on using genes from three “parents”.

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