Does T25 Contain Yoga?

t25M asks: “I really need some guidance.  I recently purchased an exercise DVD series called T25. I think there might be some yoga postures included in the workouts especially the stretches.  I am really not familiar with yoga, as I have never practiced it.  I was wondering two things.  First are you familiar with this DVD and if so, is it safe to do?  Also, if it does contain some yoga, can I still do the workout but skip the yoga poses or alter them in some way?”

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French Coffee Cake

st therese childWhen I was a little girl, I was much more interested in reading, writing, and all things religious than I was in housekeeping or the culinary arts. However much my mother tried to impart to me the benefits of proper measuring and vacuuming-after- dusting, her efforts for the most part did little to arouse my interest or curiosity. But this in no way dampened her enthusiasm to engage me in the arcane sciences of domesticity. Read the rest…

Fun with the Women of EWTN!

I had the distinct pleasure this week of spending time with some of my favorite women, whom we have dubbed “The Women of EWTN.”

On set with me for a special production of the Women of Grace TV program were Teresa Tomeo (Catholic Connection & The View for Catholic Women), Michelle Laque Johnson (EWTN), Joy Pinto (At Home with Jim and Joy) and Elena Rodriguez (EWTN).  We selected from your questions and comments submitted through e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.  It was so much fun and I just wanted to share a few pictures from behind the scenes with you. Read the rest…

Women of Grace and the Women of EWTN!

Dear Friends,

It was my pleasure recently to host a live recording of Women of Grace from EWTN’s Annual Family Celebration.  It was awesome and I can’t begin to tell you what a thrill it was for me to collaborate with such excellent representatives of womanhood and authentic femininity. Our fabulous guests included Teresa Tomeo and Janet Morana (Co-hosts of “The Catholic View for Women” and more), EWTN Rome Bureau Chief Joan Lewis, Barbara McGuigan (“The Good Fight”), Joy Pinto (“Jim & Joy Pinto”), Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle (“Everyday Blessings for Catholic Moms”), Joanna Bogle (“Feast & Seasons” and more), and “Women of Grace” Board Members Kathy Mathieson and Catholic journalist Mary Jo Anderson.

If you missed this informative and FUN program, I invite you to watch the YouTube recording below.  Thank you to EWTN for this amazing opportunity!


May the abundant life of Jesus Christ be yours and may God bless you!

Your sister in Christ,
Johnnette Benkovic

Introducing Lexi Conner – our newest blogger!


I’m Lexi Conner and I am so excited to be part of the Women of Grace blogging family!

Perhaps you can guess from my name that I have a very special interest. I LOVE words!  Some might say that makes me a “geek” or a bluestocking, bookworm, or highbrow (See! I just can’t help it!). But it was this very interest that Johnnette found so intriguing (compelling, captivating, fascinating, riveting, titillating – pick one!).

However, she was very specific about what she wanted me to present in this blog (I think she might have thought I’d go off on a “word tangent” or something). She has asked me to explore words that are part of our Catholic Faith. You see, I am a devout  (zealous, passionate, ardent, faithful, fervent, earnest, orthodox) Catholic. I LOVE my Faith and I LOVE God and Our Blessed Mother and all of the saints.

Sometimes I will present you with words that are linked together by theme. Other times I won’t (I like to keep things exciting like this so you will never know exactly what you are going to get!). If there are any interesting features about the word – its history or etymology – I will let you know. If YOU have any interesting facts about the word, please let me know via” comment” and I will post it. It is all going to be so much FUN and we will learn so much about our Catholic Faith and its own special vocabulary!

I am looking forward to being your personal lexicographer (a compiler of a dictionary. Origin 1650-60. Late Greek. From “lexicon”—a wordbook or dictionary. Example: Noah Webster was a lexicographer. Interesting factoid:  The definition for Webster” comes from the Middle English. In its archaic sense it means “a weaver.” See how Noah’s last name reveals what he did – just like my whole name reveals what I do! He “weaved” together a book of words and I am providing you with a lexicon! Amazing! Can you already see how much fun we are going to have?!).

Speaking of names, I have a riddle for you. Oh yes, that is another interesting feature of the Lexi Blog (Don’t you LOVE it!): I will occasionally pose a riddle for you or a word jumble or a cute story or some other little exercise to keep your brain nimble and your funny bone tickled.

This riddle was told to my great-grandfather, whom I still have thanks to God, by his grandfather. That means it was my great-great grandfather who told it. See if you can figure out the riddle. If you think you’ve got it, post it in comments. The winner will receive a special gift courtesy of Women of Grace®(Johnnette told me it was okay). I will know who was the first to send in the correct answer (there is a way to do this, you know.).  Comment submissions will be good until one week from today.

Okay. Here is the riddle:

An older German gentleman was walking across a bridge when a beautiful young fraulein began to walk across the bridge from the opposite direction. When their paths crossed, the gentleman tipped his hat and drew his cane, and in this story I told his name. What was it? (Hint: Remember the story was told, not written. That is important.)

I’m giggling already. Have fun! I hope we become good friends!

Linguistically yours,

Enough Is Enough


“The practices of mortification should be modified by prudence and the advice of a wise director, because it often happens that the Devil urges a soul to excessive penances to tire her and render her unfit for the service of God and the fulfillment of her duties.”

                                                                                   - Anna Maria Taigi

For Reflection:

How does the Devil use excessive mortification against us? Virtue lies in moderation. In light of this, how do I appraise the mortifications I committed to yesterday? Are they excessive? Are they not sacrificial enough? What is the Holy Spirit asking me to do?