“Impeached” Pro-Life Student Refuses to Back Down

Katie Ascough (YouTube)

A 20 year-old student at the University College Dublin (UCD) who was impeached from her position as student union president because of her pro-life views says she’ll never lose her passion for defending life.

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5 Ways to Celebrate the First World Day of the Poor

In order to keep the merciful spirit of the Jubilee Year of Mercy alive, Pope Francis declared the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time to be known from here on as the World Day of the Poor, which makes this Sunday the inaugural year for this new Church initiative.

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Keeping Christ in Christmas

Commentary by Susan Brinkmann, OCDS

Keeping Christ in Christmas is very much a personal matter, but our Baptismal call invites us to do more to bring Christ into the culture, which all of us can do by standing firm in our right to publicly express our beliefs during this sacred season.

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FBI Considers Planned Parenthood Investigation

An FBI request for unredacted documents obtained by the Senate during their 2015-2016 investigation of fetal body part trafficking within the abortion industry, is a clear signal that the Bureau may be preparing to launch its own investigation into possible criminal activity.

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Is Functional Medicine Legit?

BW writes: “My husband is a very sick man with several serious medical problems and while I was looking up different medicinal ways of helping him I came across a different way of practicing medicine which is called Functional Medicine. After asking someone about Functional Medicine I was told that it works, and many people have been healed by it. My concern is if you know anything about it and if you do does it have anything to do with New Age or the occult? I do not want us to get involved with anything like that.”

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